The holidays are approaching which means it'll be time to send seasons greetings. However, the price of postage is set to increase again.

The United States Postal Service Made An Announcement.


The United States Postal Service made an announcement that the price of Forever stamps will go up. Other postage will also increase.

The change will go up in the new year, on January 22, 2023. This decision was made in order to keep up with the pricing and costs due to inflation.

How Much Will Forever Stamps Increase?

The current price of a Forever stamp is 60 cents and it would increase to 63 cents, which is a 4.2% increase. This price increase also happened in July of 2022 which was from 58 cents to 60 cents.

If you're wondering if this is a difference from a year ago, the answer is yes. About a year ago, stamps cost 55 cents.

Can Old Forever Stamps Still Be Used?


Forever stamps are issued by the USPS, they are first-class stamps.

If you have forever stamps stored away, they can still be used when the increase happens next year. It would be wise to purchase stamps now before it goes up in price in 2023.

This plan was approved by the Governors of the US Postal Service. However, the Postal Regulatory Commission is in charge of reviewing this suggested proposal.

Postcards will also increase in price. Domestic postcards could reach 48 cents each and international postcards would be $1.45.

According to Forbes, food prices have also increased and may continue to do so. As a collective, we hope to see inflation decline in 2023.

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What do you hope goes down in pricing and declines due to inflation? Share with us below.

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