Are you single? What’s the best metro area for singles in the Hudson Valley? The answer is Ulster County. According to a report in the New Paltz Times, a full-service rental platform called Zumper, provides a list of the best metro areas for single folks in the United States. Zumper ranks Ulster County as the 25th best metro area for singles.

How did Zumper come up with the list? They use five items.

First, census data. They looked at the percentage of single people ages 18 to 35 in each of the 382 metropolitan areas of the United States. Ulster County ranked at 81 percent, which ties with four other areas for second place.

Second, college degrees. They looked especially at those with a bachelor’s degree or higher. Ulster County didn’t score so high as the first, with only 21 percent. That’s second from last on this list.

Third, restaurants and bars per capita. At 32.3 percent, Ulster is fourth behind places like Cape Cod and San Francisco.

Four, they wanted to measure dating apps subscriptions. They couldn’t, so they used Internet subscriptions instead. Ulster County, ranked 78 percent, which is second to last.

Five was median rent for a one-bedroom apartment. The monthly median rent in Ulster County is $980 per month, which places the county in the middle of the top 25.

Then, Zumper weighted the factors, one and two accounted for a quarter of the grade. The third and four factors were 20 percent, and finally, rental price accounted for ten percent.  The company also adjusted for gender specificity.

There was a total of 382 metros, and Ulster County came in at 25.

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