Have you ever wonder why someone keeps a bowl next to their sink and then seems to randomly fill it with things you regularly toss in the trash. Chances are they are composting. I'll never forget my first experience with someone who composts. I was in their kitchen at a party and it was so confusing trying to help them clean up. I would be walking around with plates, left over food and other post party goodies and I would hear "that can go in the compost ... but oh no not that!"

Composting can be complicated, but it is easy to understand if you take a moment to have it explained.  This is why I am encouraging everyone to go to the UCRRA's Composting Class. The Ulster County Resource Recovery Agency is inviting you to help celebrate "International Compost Awareness Week" by learning everything you need to know to start composting at your house with confidence.

The class will be held May 6th from 9 Am to 11 AM at 999 Flatbush Road in Kingston. Class size is limited so please don't wait to register. Call 845-336-0600 to register and make your payment. Your $5 class fee includes an hour and a half of instruction from the UCRRA Recycling Coordinator and Recycling Educator. Plus you will get a guided tour of the UCRRA's commercial composting operation and a complimentary bag of Grow Ulster Green compost.

Their are many benefits to composting at home. According to the EPA composting can reduce your carbon foot print and reduce the need for chemical fertilizers. Start composting and you may realize you have a green thumb after all.

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