We are 2 weeks away from this year's Oscars. March 4th is the 90th Academy Awards being held in Los Angeles at the Dolby Theatre. Jimmy Kimmel will be the host. Most of us will be watching the ceremony from our couch which will air on ABC. Every year there are many movies nominated that I have yet to see but I can truly say this year I haven't seen any of the ones who made the list. Maybe I ran out of time or maybe it was because some were in limited release or maybe it was because they all came out at once and I was too busy to go to the movies.

The chances of me getting to see any of the films before the winners are announced is slim even though you can watch just about all of them one Netflix or a number of other movie services that are offered these days. Many of the films this year had limited theatre releases. More and more films makers are choosing other outlets to get there movie out in time to be considered for an award.

Sadly, another hollywood drama is also putting a bit of a damper on this year's award season. Both the Golden Globes and SAG awards dealt with the fall out from the film industries bad behavior being exposed. The Oscars will also have to weather this storm. It seems this year that the glitz and glamour maybe a bit tarnished now that we got to peek behind the curtain.

Paty's Pick for Animated Feature (and no I haven't seen it) I need to get out more.


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