And the Oscar goes to...

Businesses in the Hudson Valley have won tons of awards. From restaurants to breweries, to schools; the list goes on and on. But what about awards made in the Hudson Valley? Arguably one of the most prestigious is. I'm talking about the Oscar statues. Also known as the Academy Awards. Believe it or not, these statues are made locally.

According to Hudson Valley Film Commission, Polich Tallix, a fine art foundry, in Rock Tavern of the Hudson Valley makes the Oscar statues each year. Their website shows the step-by-step process of what goes into making the Oscar statues. This includes 3D modeling, wax molding, ceramic work, bronze, sanding, polishing, and gold plating. They even engrave the tags that have the winner's name and award listed. Each statue is even hand stamped with a serial number.

In 2016, Polich Tallix was approached by the Academy to take over the production of the Oscar statues. The statue would now be made from solid bronze, as Polich Tallix is a bronze foundry. You've likely driven past some of the art from Polich Tallix at the corner of Route 747 and Route 17K in the Montgomery area.

Yahoo! Finance reports that the oscar statues cost about $00 each to make. They are 13.5 inches tall and weigh 8.5 pounds. If you're looking to get one on a second-hand market, good luck. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science does not allow winners, or someone who was gifted or inherited an Oscar, to sell it before offering the Academy the chance to buy it for $1.

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