A lot of people are flying over the holidays .Most people know some of the obvious things you can not bring on an airline. But some other folks didn't get the memo. One thing you can't pack in your luggage are live animals. TSA agents recently discovered such a thing during a routine X-ray scan.

Cat's Out of the Bag

Fox Business reports that a TSA officer found a live cat in someone's luggage at JFK Airport. The officer said they discovered the stowaway feline while scanning bags at the airport. A TSA spokesperson said that the person told them that the cat belonged to someone else in their household. It is uncertain if the cat snuck into the suitcase and they weren't aware it was there, or if the traveler was just very careless?

The spokesperson said that the orange cat "wouldn’t have survived the flight inside the suitcase in the airplane", so it's a good thing agents caught the attempted cat smuggling with their X-ray machine. the cat is said to be safely home.


Another Story 

A passenger, who was told she couldn't fly with her dog on her lap, angrily reacted on a recent flight that was bound for New York. A clip of the incident was posted on Reddit, as it shows the woman cursing at the crew and other passengers after being told she couldn't fly with the dog on her lap.

The unidentified woman can even be seen throwing a water bottle at another irritated passenger who told her to "get off the plane".

The Incident 

The New York Post says the incident broke out October 12 on a flight from Atlanta to New York. The young woman is seen yelling at crew members, even after being told that she would receive a refund. "F**k you. F**k all of you!!!", she can be heard yelling as she gets up out of her seat and gathers her belongings.

The flight crew says that the water bottle she threw hit the other passenger, though no arrests have been made, according to the Atlanta Police Department  Police said the parties involved declined to prosecute.

But did the woman in the video have a decent point, and maybe just reacted poorly?

Can Pets Travel With in the Cabin? 

There is no word what kind of dog it was that traveling with the woman. The issues of traveling with your pet in the cabin of a plane is a bit of a gray area. Obviously, a number of people are not very comfortable with pets being crated in the cargo hold with everyone's' luggage.

According to Pets That Travel, a number of airlines will allow small dogs to fly in the cabin with their owners, on certain routes and planes. However, many of these flights require that they stay in their pet carriers. It also may depend on what airline you fly? Air Canada, American Airlines, Southwest, United and West Jet state that dogs must remain in their carriers stowed under the seat for the entire flight.

Lots of Considerations 

However, a number of flights only make you keep your dog stowed away during taxi, takeoff and landing. Pets That Travel even goes on to say that a number of flights don't ever specifically state that you aren’t allowed to place your dog’s carrier on your lap after take-off and before landing.

It can also depend how big your dog is? Smaller dogs may have more leeway. but some breeds or mixed breeds with shorter, stubbier snouts may not be allowed to fly due to changing cabin pressure which could affect their breathing.

Service or emotional support pets will generally be allowed to sit in your lap during the flight. There is no word whether or not the woman in the video's dog was indeed a service dog.

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