This week there will be a lot of conversations about food. Even though Thanksgiving is a holiday that we celebrate to giving thanks for all that we have our friends and family and hopefully good fortune, the truth is Thanksgiving is really a food holiday. YEs there is football and parades but let's face it, it always comes down to that amazing meal we put on the tale to share with the people we care about.

So with all the food talk this week I wanted to weigh in on my favorite side dish for Thanksgiving that often gets over looked. I even remember one year it didn't even make it to the table because it was forgotten on the back of the stove. I talking about Pearled Onions or some call them Creamed.

They aren't hard to make, it simply tiny onions, butter, flour, milk, water and salt and pepper to taste. They are the perfect side to everything on the traditional Thanksgiving menu. As a matter of fact I will go so far as to say that pearled / creamed onions make better gravy than brown turkey gravy.

The simplest and most delicious recipe I have found is very similar to how my grandmother made them. She didn't have a recipe she just knew how to make them perfect. offer's one called Mom's Traditional Creamed Onions and not only is it simple to follow it makes the most amazing onions.

If you aren't an onion fan I am going to say at least try one. The cream sauce smothers the tiny onion in a velvety flavor that would make just about anything palatable. I dare you to even taste the onion.  Don't knock them if you haven't tried them.

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