Last July, I had the amazing opportunity of travelling to Yankee Stadium to attend a press conference with Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood. I was so excited and nervous. Back in 1991, I had the privilege of bringing both Trisha and Garth on stage at our local county fair. They were both just starting out and both gave great performances.

Here we all were together again, although this time in the press room at Yankee stadium. Crazy how life can bring things full circle sometimes. I had a chance to interview Garth again, which was great, he's fun to talk with and he loves what he does. But, I never had the chance to interview Trisha  and there were a few questions I had always wanted to ask her. She's so nice and gracious and I was so nervous and lucky I could even say my name.

Trisha is coming to the Times Union Center in Albany and is bringing Garth Brooks, otherwise known as Mr. Yearwood, with her. It's another stop on Garth Brooks' World Tour and they will be for three nights. How would you like to be there too?

Tomorrow morning at 7:20, CJ and Jess will have the final Wolf Garth Brooks Song of the day. If you’re caller #9 on the Wolf Hotline at 845-473-9431, you’ll be in the running to win one of several pairs of tickets for the Saturday, March 11 show.

Good luck! Win with the Wolf!

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