This Sunday is Halloween, and everybody will be looking for treats. Here’s a great deal to celebrate Halloween and there are no tricks involved, just a lot of delicious treats. In the form of ice cream cones. And who doesn’t love ice cream cones?

In my opinion, ice cream isn’t just a seasonal dessert. I’ll eat ice cream in the winter, fall, spring and of course all summer long. And this Sunday, in celebration of Halloween, you can get a single scoop ice cream cone for only 50 cents. Yes, you’re reading that correctly. Only 50 cents for a single scoop ice cream cone. You can get dessert for the whole family for only a couple of bucks. Now, that’s what I call a treat. You probably want to know where this is happening.

Just get yourself to a Stewart’s Shop in the Hudson Valley this Sunday, Oct. 31. The deal is going on all day at Stewart’s, so stop in before, during or after your Halloween celebration for a little extra treat.

 And just for a little added fun, here is some ice cream trivia from Ben and Jerry’s. Did you know that ice cream cones were invented at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis? It’s true. It made for an easy way to eat ice cream while walking around the fair. The United States consumes 5.5 gallons of ice cream per person per year. Whoa… that’s a lot of ice cream. And what’s the all time favorite ice cream flavor? If you guessed vanilla, you’re right.

Here’s to lots of treats for your Halloween, including 50 cent ice cream cones. Have a safe, fun and happy holiday. And be nice to all of the little boos and ghouls.

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