The light in question is in the Town of Ulster.

Have you ever been sitting at a traffic light and said to yourself "DAMN, this light is red forever?" I have a million times but in this case it is pretty close to true.

According to the Daily Freeman, the light is on Ulster Avenue coming out of the CVS/Dunkin’ Donuts stays green for only 12 seconds but when it turns red it stays red for a minute and 45 seconds.

Kinda unfair and unsafe.

Town of Ulster supervisor James Quigley told the Freeman that the town has received complaints about the traffic signal from drivers for a while and that

“We have reports that light has contributed to accidents, so we’d like to have it studied.”

Quigley also said that the best way to exit the CVS/Dunkin lot is to exit from the rear of the property onto John M. Clark Road.

As of now the town has had no luck in getting the traffic signal changed.

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