Yes this would awesome!

We see rumors of some of our favorite places coming to the Hudson Valley all the time.

How many times have we heard that White Castle is coming to Poughkeepsie? It pops up almost every month and today We have no news as to whether or not that will ever happen but we do have some good news.

If you are a fan of Trader Joe's it looks like they have filed a petition to possibly have a Trader Joe's in Kingston.

According to Wolf Facebook user Evon Valentine it is in front of the planning board now. Valentine told the CJ in the morning show that during a conversation with a Trader Joe's employee she was asked where she was heading that day, "home" she replied, "Where is home" said the employee, "Kingston" said Valentine, the employee then went on the explain that Trader Joe's is in talks to put a store location in Kingston or Hudson.

We reached out to Trader Joe's for a comment, but haven't heard back from them.

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