The Facebook page for the Governor's Traffic Safety Committee of New York (GTSC) posted a status today that stated "Tow trucks in NY now have the legal right to be driven on the shoulder of the road to reach a crash scene or other emergency."

This new tow truck law comes on the heels of the crackdown on the "Move Over" law. At the start of November, New York State Police were directed to pay more attention to drivers who didn't slow down and move over for cars on the shoulder with their hazard lights on. On Nov. 30, it was reported that 230 drivers were ticketed during the five-day enforcement period.

The post from GTSC continues, "Motorists – be alert for the flashing yellow lights and don’t use the shoulder of the road as another lane. Please, give tow truck operators the space they need to work and don’t block the shoulder of the road. In this case, a shoulder length can make all the difference!"

How do you feel about tow trucks being able to drive on the shoulder? Should they be treated the same as emergency vehicles? Let us know in the comment section on our Facebook page.

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