Maybe it is because Football season is back on TV, I am not sure, but have you noticed that the ads are getting better. And by better I am talking more fun and more clever. It all start a few months ago or so with the VW bus ad. If you missed it check out the video. I actually wanted to run out and buy one after the minute and half ad played in my living room. Simon and Garfunkel and a VW bus. It was perfect even Car and Driver noticed.

But then the football season started and it seems VW took it up a notch and they included Johnny Cash, "These are My People" The ad below had to be real footage at homes around America. No one could act out the family chaos with such spot on authenticity.

I am a bit of an ad freak and this year it seems that the car company who gave us Darth Vader starting the car in the driveway during the super bowl in 2012 is out doing themselves.

But before I give them a category of their own it the ad hall of fame I want to keep an eye on what else the TV ad world has to offer this fall. After all there is a Coors spot that speaks straight to my heart at the end of the day. Ladies check it out and tell me if you agree.

I believe the end of the ad says it best "Made to Chill". Not gonna lie the first piece of clothing that goes after a long day right after the shoes is the bra. I'd say they got it dead right.

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