There are many symbols that bring to mind Halloween. You have Ghosts and Witches, Pumpkins and Zombies, Bats and of course the Owl. So why is it that all of these things give us a spooky feeling? Ghosts are an obvious choice for spooky feelings. The idea alone that someone who is dead can come back and haunt you or just hang around can be a little unsettling if your not expecting them to visit.

Witches tend to be up to no good in most every story you read so I guess we shouldn't be surprised that they are in the spooky category. The iconic Wicked Witch of the West was pretty scary popping up in a puff of smoke and carting around all those flying monkeys.

Pumpkins I feel as just a gord aren't to terrifying but cut up and lit up is a whole nother ball game. The glow of a pumpkin on a dark porch defines spooky.  Zombies are more of a modern day gruesome spooky. Until they started the series "The Walking Dead" I don't know that anyone even took zombies seriously.

Bats are spooky because they are bats. They hang around upside down. YOu don't know which one could be Dracula. They fly around stealth in the night sky. And if you encounter one trapped in your house you are going to scream for sure while you dive for the floor.

So why is the Owl so spooky? They are a bird of prey that is quite common. They sit harmlessly around in trees just watching the world. And they have never been the star of a horror film. So why are they so eerie? Maybe it's the way they just stare at you. Or maybe it is that lonesome call from a distant tree. Either way they make the spooky list. This time of year you can head out just about any night and hear an owl in the woods.


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