A Today Show co-host and best-selling author was spotted shopping in Ulster County last week. Did you see her?

Today Show Host Spotted Shopping at Kingston, New York Ghost Mall

Over the last few years, the Hudson Valley Mall in Kingston New York has been slowly becoming what some call a "ghost mall." Many of the stores that were once thriving in Ulster County are closing their doors.

There are only a handful of stores left, and one of the 2 big anchor stores might be moving in the near future.

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With that being said, Target in Kingston is holding up strong, and last week a familiar face from the Today Show stopped in to do some shopping.

Savannah Guthrie stopped by the Kingston Target and found a sweet surprise while browsing the aisles:

And she even threw in a Kingston hashtag!

Are the Hosts of The Today Show Obsessed with The Hudson Valley?

Savannah Guthrie is no stranger to the Hudson Valley. During the COVID lockdown, it was rumored Guthrie was working from home in the Dutchess County area.

Her co-host Al Roker has also been spotted around town. The Today Show meteorologist has dined many times at the Pine Plains at the Stissing House. He's also shared his love of  Raven and Boar Farm in Chatham.

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There was also a time when Roker's car broke down after visiting Blue Plate, another Chatham, NY restaurant in Chatham.

Dylan Dreyer, who is also a meteorologist and host on The Today Show, also shared her love for the Hudson Valley after visiting Rocking Horse Ranch in Highland, NY over the winter.

Sounds to me like The Today Show needs to do a show from The Hudson Valley at some point in the future.

Celebrity Sightings Across the Hudson Valley

I guess we'll have to update our list to 31 now with this Savannah Guthrie sighting. Over the last few years, we've been collecting photos and stories of celebrity sightings across the region.

Many of these stars have their go-to's like Beacon, Rhinebeck, and Kingston. But we would love to add your sighting to the list. Send us a message through the station's mobile app.

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