Have you notice on these cold nights that you can really smell what your neighbors are burning in their wood stoves and fireplaces. Some nights you smell an inviting fire and other nights the smoke smells like a campfire gone wrong. I am not personally versed on the real difference between good wood to burn or bad but I do know that "green" unseasoned is never a good choice. Of course we also can't go burning what I call the designer woods, the ones they use to flavor BBQ is a smoker or pizza in an oven.

When it comes to the firewood I use at my house I have a trusty wood guy who has always made sure the wood we get is well seasoned. I also like to stop off at Wright's Farm and pick up some of their season apple wood. It burns nice and mixes well with the wood I have dropped off. If your not sure what to put in your fireplace check out the link below from Chainsaw Journals. And one more thought, always have your fireplace or wood stove serviced by a professional to keep it burning safely.


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