Picnic season is right around the corner and if this year turns out to be anything like last year we better be "Picnic Ready". Ready to head out and enjoy our for in the great outdoors. So many of us last year ate outside our favorite restaurants because we couldn't go inside. I hope we get to do more of that this year. The al fresco dining experience was actually very enjoyable.

What I really enjoyed was that so many Hudson Valley restaurants understood that we wanted to eat their fare but realized they could only accommodate so many of us on their patios. This meant we had the option of grabbing our favorite meal and taking it to a secret and sometimes not so secret place to eat it picnic style. I really hope we can still do that this summer

So What Will You Need?

Well you can start with a table and chairs. The folding kind are probably best but let's face it no one is stopping you from carting around the real thing in the back of your truck all summer.


A picnic blanket will also work if you know where you plan to go has a great surface for sitting on with food and drinks. Too many rocks or too much hill can make for a tricky dining experience.

Do you Need a Basket?

The answer to that is, not really especially if you got takeout from your favorite restaurant to enjoy on your picnic. Chances are they packed it well enough for you to travel to your picnic site. However a picnic basket can be that extra touch that adds to the experience. Digging into a basket rather than a plastic bag just sounds so much nicer.

Photo by Vianney CAHEN on Unsplash
Photo by Vianney CAHEN on Unsplash

What should you bring to eat?

That is the best part, you can bring whatever you want. If 2020 taught us nothing about dining out it taught us that any food from any restaurant can be portable and eaten at our leisure inside or out.

Group of young friends having traditional dinner on Thanksgiving Day

Once you have decide what to bring all you have to do is decide where to go. Checkout some of the places we found for you to enjoy a picnic in the Hudson Valley.

25 Beautiful, Scenic Picnic Spots in the Hudson Valley

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