One of my favorite board games to play is Monopoly. It is a regular at our family game night table. I rarely win but always have fun. I am mentioning this in case you hadn't heard that Monopoly has announced some changes to the traditional game. And now time is running out for you to cast your vote.

You may be asking "vote on what?" And the answer is on the tokens that will be in the new edition of the game. Monopoly is asking the general public to vote on what the new tokens in the game should be going forward. You can also vote to save some or all of the original tokens. Yes, the shoe may soon be replaced with a fuzzy bunny slipper. (August is when the new tokens will be released in Monopoly games.) You have just over a week left to cast your vote. If you have a favorite token be sure to follow the link below to cast your vote. I actually surprised myself when I voted. The only original token I kept was the thimble.

After watching this video I now know why I always loss at Monopoly, I am really bad math.

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