Who did what over the weekend?

Welcome to a wet and cold Monday. I think it's safe to say that enough is enough!!! I want spring NOW!!!! Anyway, it is Monday and that means it's time for another exciting episode of "Three Things from the Weekend".

Every Monday Jess and I bring a list of the things we did over the weekend and each pick 3 things off the lists to read to you on the air. After we read them we grab a caller to try and guess who did what.

If you missed our "things" from today, here they are:

Person one

1. Went to Dutchess Bier Cafe in Fishkill.
2. Did some gardening.
3. Saw the new movie "A Quiet Place".

Person two

1. Took a trip to the ER.
2. Played Yahtzee.
3. Got stood up at Walmart.

Who do you think did what? Find out....

Thank you for watching and make sure your up early this week as Jess and I have New York Lottery scratch offs to give away at 6:10 a.m. with the early morning brain stimulator.

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