I'm not much of a golf fan, unless it's of the mini variety. However, I'll be paying close attention to the U.S. Open this time around.

What do you get when a golfer makes it to the U.S. Open, has a great nickname and sponsors are always looking for the next big promotion? A perfect advertising opportunity that will have fans, and non fans, jumping on the golfing bandwagon.

Andrew Johnson is a 29 year-old golfer from the United Kingdom.  He also goes by Andrew 'Beef' Johnson. 'Beef' partnered up with Arby's two years ago and the relationship has been meaty ever since.

Their beefing up things this year at the U.S. Open and putting a little pressure on 'Beef.'

Here's the deal, Andrew was given a bacon, beef and cheddar towel to take along with him on the course this year. Probably as a good luck charm.

Arby's will be giving away free bacon, beef and cheddar sandwiches if and only if, 'Beef' wins the U.S. Open.

Lets not grill 'Beef' about this too much, we need him to focus on cooking up a win.

If he does win, the free sandwiches will be given away on the 4th of July.

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