It is like they knew we would all be online today sharing our Stella stories and posting video's. The latest State Farm ad has me off topic. Put up your snow shovel for a moment and check out the video you can't miss on YouTube today.

I love the final line "You can lift the weight of caring, by doing". I must have skipped this ad three or four times before I saw the scruffy dog. Of course the dog made me watch. Dogs and kids can always suck you in to something. Where was this ad during all the big TV shows this winter.

Kudos to the people who thought this one up and kudos for loading it up during a blizzard. Now I want to volunteer and I am so proud they went with "Community" during Stella instead of disaster to remind us they sell insurance. I won't be changing insurance companies but I will be volunteering. I say mission accomplished State Farm.

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