It's that time of year again.  The time for pumpkin flavored everything and Halloween.  Whether you're more into the costume part of it or the scary part of it, there are a lot of fun things to do this season.

If you are into the scary, haunted things, this Friday & Saturday you need to get to Huguenot Street for the 2019 tour.

The whole event takes place at nightfall.  The historic houses and grounds of Huguenot Street set the stage for the spirits that are restless in New Paltz.

Stories will be told, and tours will happen.  The stories are based on real people and historic events that will leave you, if nothing else, feeling a little unsettled.

The tours will happen every hour on the hour beginning at 5pm with the final tour starting at 9pm.

Keep in mind that this may not be suitable for younger audiences.

For more information, check out there Facebook page HERE

Feel free to let me know how it is because there is ZERO chance that you will see me there.


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