This is all very new to me.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the Hudson Valley and closed every business you could think of, I thought I would go crazy. I had finally gotten into a gym routine getting in my workouts daily at AllSport in Fishkill.

I knew that if I didn't pick up a hobby or activity then I would drive myself crazy.

Even though it was still a little chilly out being March, I decided to get outside and start exploring and finding new paths to walk. A week or so in, I decided I would start kicking it up a notch and running. This may come as a shock to people who know me because they know I hate running and I'm not the fastest.

I found out that it didn't matter how fast I was going as long as I was doing it.

Earlier this week my running app (Nike Run Club, which I highly recommend if you're thinking about getting into the running game) notified me that I've been running every week for 6 months!


That's a huge accomplishment for me personally, but it also has been great for my mental health and I'm feeling great. Plus the added bonus of cutting down my 5K time by 2 minutes.

Small accomplishments are still accomplishments! I usually share my runs, good and bad, on my Instagram and Twitter accounts if you want to follow along.

In celebration of my 6 months running, I decided to share some things with you that I've seen daily for the past few weeks on my run. The things I come across have me thinking about them for the rest of my run. Check it out!

Things That Just Make Sense on Jess' Running Trails


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