The past few weeks have been absolutely brutal when it comes to the cold.

Temperatures have dipped to the negatives, and we even set some records. According to National Weather Service in Albany Hudson Valley Weather reported that on New Years Day Poughkeepsie had set a new record low by 7:45am Monday morning.

It was -10 degrees.

The previous record was set in 1969 when it was -9 degrees.

With that being said, personally, this time of year is tough for me when it comes to skin care. My hands get so dry from washing them and using anti-bacterial gel (we've had a nasty flu season) that they crack and even bleed.

I was experiencing the most painful dry skin on my hands through the holidays until someone suggested I get moisturizing gloves.

I bought these bad boys at Bed, Bath and Beyond the day after Christmas and my hands are like new again.  If my memory serves me right, I think I spent about $12 on them.

Best $12 ever.

I'm told that you should use your own moisturizer at night and then put the gloves on while you sleep. The gloves are made with aloe, so the added lotion plus the aloe helps soothe those dry, cracked hands.

The only negative is that they make you look like a muppet.


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