Sometimes great things come out of bad situations. For example, what if you owned a very popular Kingston restaurant that was undergoing construction, got struck by a global pandemic where nobody was going out to eat, and had to come up with an idea to recover some of the costs? That’s exactly what happened at The Anchor in Kingston.

And that's how Hole in the Wall by The Anchor was born. How did I find out about it? I kept seeing posts on Facebook raving about how delicious the Hole in the Wall donuts are. I also saw lots of pictures of empty boxes, because that’s all that was left. I had to find out about this new donut joint. I had to see pictures. So, I visited their Facebook page and wow. These look like some of the best donuts I’ve ever seen. Some of the best and most original flavors, too. Want to see for yourself? Check out the pictures.

The New Donut Shop that Has Ulster County Residents Raving

Some of the Incredible Donuts at Hole in the Wall by The Anchor

Looks delicious, don't you agree? Hole in the Wall by The Anchor is at 746 Broadway in Kingston. There are lots of great places to visit while you're in that part of Kingston, or find a bench to park yourself on and enjoy your donuts while enjoying the views.

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