They call it Twelfth Night even Little Christmas or the Epiphany. It also happens to be the most popular time to take down your Christmas Tree. There is a belief left over from medieval times that if you take down your tree on Twelfth night you will have good luck. And in that same vein if you don't you will have bad luck. There are even some who thinking if you miss Little Christmas you have to wait until Candlemas on Febraury 2nd. That might explain all those Christmas light left up until May.

I would like to think I take my tree down the weekend after New Years because it makes sense. All holiday parties are over and the chore won't get away from you if it is top of mind. Also because you don't want to be the person who Christmas tree needs to have Valentine hearts or worse Easter eggs strung on it to keep it relevant.

When it comes to the outdoor lights and decorations the rule is simple, the first nice day after new years bring them down and fast. If not you could be the person with Christmas lights out until may. Full disclosure I left my outside lights on my fence last year until April because it made it easier to see at night in the driveway.

Top 5 things to do with your used tree unless you plan to attend the 5th Annual Christmas Tree Bonfire in New Paltz this Saturday.


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