With all the food that will be consumed this weekend it is no surprise that McDonald's picked this week to debut the limited release of their 3 different size Big Mac's. Nacho with the works, pigs in the blanket and chicken wings move aside there is a new snack food on the "Big Game" table and it called Mac Jr., Big Mac and Grand Mac.

It started last week with McDonald's selling a limited amount of the "Special Sauce" that goes on a Big Mac. (Check out the USA Today coverage). As far as I know this is the first time the sauce was ever available to the general public. Imagine going to a Super Bowl Party where some one has a bottle of the sauce. Those would be the best sliders ever.

Now Fox News and other news outlets are reporting that people who were lucky enough to purchase a bottle of the "Mac Sauce" are selling the bottles on eBay and other online venues for unbelievable prices. I am curious if they have had to lock up the sauce stash at area McDonald's so that people can't put it on the black market. All joking aside, when I worked at McDonald's they guarded that sauce like it was gold.

It has been a while since I was an employee but I can assure you that none of us were able to order a container of sauce for ourselves. And don't think some of us didn't ask that's how I know you couldn't do it. I can still remember putting it on my "break burger" instead of ketchup. The break burger was the food you got on you shift with your break. You could get a burger but not the Big Mac so we just put the Mac sauce on the burger. I wonder if that tradition continued and is the reason why McDonald's finally thought to release the "mini mac" which they call the "Mac Jr". (Full disclosure - I haven't worked for McDonald's Since 1981, I am sure a lot has changed.) I am just sorry that Jim Delligatti who created the Big Mac isn't around to enjoy all of the excitement. Jim past away last November at the age of 98.

In case you missed the "Big Mac" news here is the official commercial.

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