So I was in a dance competition this past Saturday for charity but I'm a bit salty.

It was in southern PA, just past the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, PA area and for a great cause but the outcome made me feel as though we got screwed.

The contest was a 'Dancing with the Stars' kind of thing and I teamed up with a TV personality in that area and the rules were simple.  Couples compete and are judged by the audience and who entertained them the most and by the judges.

After 2 months of rehearsals, blood sweat and tears, we were ready to win.  Our routine was spot on and we totally nailed it.   The crowd was totally into us and we figured if nothing else, we would at least take 2nd place.   We took 4th.

1st, 2nd and 3rd place went to the 3 local competitors, 4th thru 6th went to the outside couples.  Also, there were no judges because that rule changed and no one told us.

We competed in a popularity contest.  The dancer who took 3rd place barely danced but had 2 professional dancers with him and even brought a full dance academy to help with his routine.  Piro.  He had piro too.  Oh, he was also on the town council or something.

I'm not upset that I did it because we helped raise over $40,000 for an art center that sends less fortunate kids to camps and keeps the arts alive.  I'm salty because of the end result.  If I had known it was a popularity contest I would have had friends, family and even streamed it for votes.

You can watch the routines HERE

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