If you are single and looking to date, use more emoji's.

That's according to a study conducted by PlosOne.  People who use emoji's more, have more dates and more sex.

They study says that people that use emoji's in their texts, social media and even in their profiles on sites like Tinder, are 50% more likely to get a date.

It doesn't break down the emoji's but does hint toward specifics like faces and actions.

I have a few emoji's that I like and most of my friends, if they use them, have the same basic ones.

I'm wondering if there is a good variety because I kind of get annoyed with the same emoji's.  Then again, I get annoyed with people that use emoji's in every text so I'm probably not the person to ask.

They study says that people that use emoji's are viewed as more social and more fun.  Using emoji's can spark someones interest.

What happens if you get the date and the emoji's are the best part of the conversation in real life?

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