How thoughtful?

The Hudson Valley-based Church Of Satan took some time out of their busy Wednesday morning to wish everyone a Happy Halloween.

In a long note on their website, the church explains how they enjoy the holiday:

We enjoy it as a time for viewing favorite spooky films—the immortal monsters Dracula, Frankenstein, The Wolf Man often as presented by Universal or Hammer, or some of the ghostly classics such as THE HAUNTING, THE DEVIL’S BACKBONE, THE INNOCENTS

They also encourage those celebrating Halloween to "to explore their 'inner darkness'—a form of civilized 'lycanthropy' that for us is common practice. It can be a most satisfying means for attaining deeper self-knowledge through exercising, rather than exorcising, the 'demons' within."

While it all seems a little scary, it does explain how we might have a certain stereotype of them from horror movies we've seen in the past. They defend the church of Satan by saying

"A pity that none have been creative enough to show Satanists as the champions of justice, those seeking out facts and bringing miscreants to judgment, or as scientists, explorers or the creative and passionate individuals we know our kind to be."

The only darkness I'll be looking for today is the rare dark chocolate candy bar in the variety candy bags.

But hey, celebrate how you would like. Be safe and Happy Halloween.

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