I am not saving this because I live in the Hudson Valley I actually believe that Apples are a year round fruit. If you really think about it you will agree. If you think about all the fruit that is available which one would you like to eat in any type of weather? I pick the apple.

In the heat of the summer melons are refreshing but do you really want to eat melon on a cold February morning. Not really you are looking for something hot to eat like pancakes, waffles or even oatmeal. Apples with cinnamon sugar go great on any of those but melon Honey Dew or Water, no so much. They wouldn't hold the syrup and the heat might make them mushy.

Bananas hold up well on most winter breakfast items but in the summer they turn fast. They are more of a fall fruit. Fresh banana bread directly from the oven in October is amazing. Strawberries definitely summer, Blueberries are summer. And as for the citrus family Orange is summer and grapefruit is it's January cousin.

There is not real science behind this opinion because it is my opinion but take a moment and ask yourself if you had to eat one fruit year round which one would it be? I bet you said apple.

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