The infamous Lake George Family Truckster made its way to the Hudson Valley over the weekend.

In case you missed it a few weeks ago, a Lake George family turned their collection of station wagons into a nostalgic movie sighting.

Over Memorial Day Weekend News 10 in the Capital Region put the spotlight on the Dittus Family. Tom and Chrissy of Lake George started a nice little collection of station wagons a few years back. When they realized their station wagons bore quite a resemblance to the Griswold family truckster from the National Lampoon's Vacation films, they decided to have a little fun.

The Dittus Family has a fleet of 3 Griswold-like station wagons that are decorated to mirror the trucksters from the movies.

The Family Truckster is a staple out in the Lake George area. During Memorial Day Weekend, the Dittus Family packed up the station wagons and brought them to the Greenville Drive-in theater while National Lampoons Vacation played on the big screen.

It was like being on vacation with Clark and the crew!

The Family Truckster made its way to the Hudson Valley over the weekend. According to a post on the official Lake George Family Truckster Facebook page, the station wagon got into a little trouble with the Kingston Police Department.


They shared the following :
Officer Feeney, Kingston, NY Police Dept.:
Poor little guy. He probably kept up with you for a mile or so.

Imagine coming across that scene? Have you seen the Family Truckster in the Hudson Valley?

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