Since 1959, Hudson Valley residents have been able to learn about the seasons, weather anomalies, astronomy facts, and various other topics compliments of Central Hudson, through their program 'Central Hudson's Almanac'.

According to Central Hudson, it began as a “weather” show broadcast by six radio stations in the region. Since the late fifties, Almanac attracted more listeners and grew to being broadcast on 10 stations in the 1960's and then 20 AM and FM stations throughout the Hudson Valley today. Hosts have included John Kuhn and Tony Megargee.

The most recent host, Central Hudson’s Director of Corporate Communications Paul Tesoro, has hosted Almanac since April 6, 1987, and is retiring this month. Which is why they are announcing that Friday, April 15 will be the last airing of this iconic program here in the Hudson Valley.

According to Central Hudson's Vice President of Public Relations, Denise D. VanBuren, Central Hudson will still be on the radio promoting many messages important to Hudson Valley residents such as safety, energy efficiency, assistance programs and more, but they will also be taking advantage of other digital communication opportunities.

It's truly an end of an era and we thank Central Hudson, and all of the show's hosts, for providing us with a few minutes each morning to celebrate the Hudson Valley and maybe even learn a thing or two.

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