Spring is officially here and it seems we are just flying through 2017. With that being said, for kids in high school Prom and Graduation are quickly approaching.


Prom, for some, is a big deal. The girls pick out their dresses and the guys are getting fitted for their tux it's and exciting time for those getting ready to graduate high school. Following prom comes Graduation day. Both are a reason to celebrate and the Orange County Sheriffs Office is expecting the community to do so but responsibly.

A press release was sent out today about the Empty Teen Chair Initiative which will be held April 27th to the 28th. The Empty Chair Initiative is an educational campaign that is meant to provide a visual of a student being absent from graduation after passing away in a car accident during one of these celebratory moments. The Orange County Sheriffs Office will be patrolling closely during these times and looking for violations such as speeding in school zones. seat belt usage, using a cell phone to read/write/save data like text or emails, passing school buses while they are stopped, impaired driving and underage drinking.

Graduation and Prom are meant to be positive life moments that you can share with your friends and family. Taking extra precaution during this time will only enhance that experience.

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