Another winter in the Hudson Valley and you didn't book a February vacation. To borrow a phase from Dierks Bentley, "What were you thinking?" Right now you could be soaking up the sun in Arizona or playing a round of golf in Hawaii or maybe relaxing in a cabana poolside in the Islands. But no, instead you are once again dealing with the month I like to call the greyest of the 12. What is it about February? It seems to have the cloudiest days in the Northeast. But truth be told it is not the cloudiest month in upstate New York. That esteemed title actually goes to November. Yes there is a study you can check it out below.

Even for the people who enjoy winter weather February can become a bit repetitive. Snow - Melt - Repeat, it seems to go on day in day out during this the second month of the year. After a long winter February is just the last straw. So how do we break this cycle? Plan a vacation. There is still time. make this the year you don't sit out the winter vacation to some place less wintery.

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