How well do you know your partner?

I came across a survey online that was asking questions of people that were in a relationship for 3 years or longer. It said that most couples should be able answer all of the questions correctly.

After thinking about it, Jess and I have been in our work partnership for 3 years and we thought it would be fun to see how we would do with some of the questions being that our relationship is the longest relationship Jess has ever had. LOL!

If you would like to take our partner quiz, here are the questions:

1. Am I allergic to anything?
2. How's my relationship with my family?
3. What's my favorite movie?
4. What am I afraid of?
5. What's my drink of choice?
6. What's my biggest pet peeve?
7. When's my birthday?

After you get the answers to all the questions, give yourself one point for each correct answer. How did you and your partner do? Did anybody get all 7 right? Let us know on Facebook.

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