At least 2 or 3 times a week I find myself watching an episode of Seinfeld on TBS. They just never get old. One of the best shows ever.

I cant remember who pointed this out but TBS is speeds up 'Seinfeld' reruns by 7.5% . . . to sneak in two more minutes of commercials. After looking around I found a video that shows the difference. At first, it doesn't seem to be much different, but it doesn't take long to see a growing difference between them.

Check it out...

Back in the '90s, it was common for sitcoms to take up 24 minutes per half hour . . . but these days, the standard length is around 22 minutes, with eight minutes set aside for commercials.

So, rather than cut stuff out of the episode . . . or lose their precious ad time . . . apparently they just decided to speed it up a little to make up the difference? This probably happens to more shows, on many networks.

In fact, FXX actually cuts older episodes of "The Simpsons" down to 22 minutes.

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