When it comes to having good, clean fun, Taylor Swift most definitely takes the cake. T.Swift is known for her social media presence, but it seemed to be in overdrive this Fourth of July weekend.

Not only did it look like she was having a blast, but it might as well have been a red carpet event. Emma Stone (Spiderman, The Help), Lena Dunham (Girls) and Jamie Presley (Hart of Dixie) all made appearances in one or more of Taylor's Instagram pictures.

I mean, going down a slip and slide on top of an inflatable turtle seems like a good time. I actually might try that, there is a pretty big hill behind the studio......



And of course we can count on Lena Dunham to make a "family portrait" a little inappropriate. Girls is on HBO for a reason! (Sarcasm fully intended, incase you didn't catch it.)

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