I should start this blog by saying I don't have a tattoo but I would definitely buy tattoo art. It is not that I don't want to be one of the one in five people who are now estimated to have a tattoo, I am open to the idea, but I just don't know what I would get tattooed. And now after watching this story on CBS I think I would want to do research and possibly pick the artist before the tattoo. If you missed the story check it out below. It turns out that original tattoo art is now being collected by non-tattooed collectors.

I am a bit of an art collector and have always been drawn to original art. As a matter of fact I just recently had to be dragged out of an art gallery before I purchased an original oil painting of Maleficent. Yes, the Disney villain from Sleeping Beauty. The painting was amazing, but way out of my price range and how would I ever explain to anyone, much less my husband how that purchased happened.

So now I can only image what would happen if I got in on this auction of original tattoo art by famous tattoo artists. Some of the pieces look amazing, but they are also expected to go for amazing prices. Hopefully, the fact that I already have the Megamunden Tattoo Postcard coloring book for my childish coloring enjoyment will keep me from wishing I was buying a piece at this auction. Probably not, after all Tattoo art is just that, "Art" and it looks like it is finally landing in the finer art demo. Kudos to all those hard working tattoo artist and as we say in the art sales world "here's to lots of red dots".

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