Like it or not, summer and the nice weather is starting to come to a close so you need to take advantage of as many things to do in the nice weather, outside that you can.

I love taking walks with the baby and I'm always up for a hike when asked.

Thursday, August 15th, you can take an Evening Hike and Tour to the Summit of Bannerman Island.

It's a guided boat ride and tour with a chance to take a nice evening hike, taking in all of the beautiful scenery.

The event actually is all weekend so if you can't make it on Thursday, you still have Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

More info and tickets can be found HERE

The tours start at 6pm so grab a quick dinner and head out.

The thing I love most about the Hudson Valley is all of the great things to do.  Especially outdoors.....with a great view.

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