Susan Sarandon will be on hand in October to receive the honorary Maverick Award at the Woodstock Film Festival. Not only that, there will be a screening of the new movie she's involved with as executive producer.

The presentation is set to take place at Backstage Studio Production in Kingston on October 14th. The Maverick Award is presented each year to people who 'demonstrate a fiercely independent and unparalleled artistic vision.'

According to a press release, Sarandon had this to say, 'I'm thrilled to receive the Maverick Award for this year's Woodstock Film Festival. Mavericks forge their own path and move through life by taking chances, and it's an honor to be added to the Woodstock Film Festival's catalog of distinguished recipients. I look forward to heading up to Woodstock for the 18th annual festival."

If you're interested in attending this years Woodstock Film Festival, passes are on sale now. For more information on Festival updates you can visit their website.

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