Green Bay may not be playing in the big game but that is no reason to leave ooey gooey cheese off the menu. In the immortal words of Cartman from South Park I Love Cheesy Poofs. Anything stuffed, sprinkled, dunked or covered with cheese makes a great snack. This Sunday when everyone else is reaching for a chicken wing I will be looking for the cheese. Cheese Bread, Cheese Puffs, Cheese dips, Baked Cheese, Melted Cheese, Mac n Cheese, well you get the point.

Cheese appetizers can be more than cheese cubes on a plate. BTWs cubes don't fit on crackers very well always go with slices. Now a days with all the specialty cheese shops and the enlarge cheese sections at the grocery stores you can really treat yourself to a great variety of cheese. So go beyond the cheddar, it is better.

And if you must have wings consider some sort of cheese sauce to take them up to the next calorie category.

Looking for good places in the Hudson Valley to get fresh cheese for your big game party try one of these local stores.

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