OK, so you’ve done your research: solar power is the most cost-effective renewable energy source that saves you money, raises your property value, works reliably, and is better for the environment. It’s decided — you’re ready to switch to solar! (Cue parade music and ticker tape ribbons!)


Tap SunCommon’s Sunny Disposition… and Their Expertise!

Getting ready to join the clean energy family is an exciting time, and SunCommon’s got a few feathers in their cap they can share so you know you’ll be working with the best solar company out there. They’ve won a few awards (check out their accolades here) and have been recognized by NYSERDA as a Quality Installer with Gold Status (which means they rank super high on their faves list). They’re a preferred partner with New York villages and cities for the development, installation, and financing of Community Solar Arrays

They’re also thrilled to offer more than 15 years of installation expertise in New York, and they’re committed to giving you an incredibly positive experience, just like they did for thousands of other solarized New Yorkers — some probably right in your neighborhood.

More Reasons Why SunCommon is the Best Solar Company

Perhaps most significant to their customers is the fact that they’re locally-owned and operated. They live and work in the communities they serve, which means they have better insight into their customers’ particular needs. They’re not sure the same can be said about providers headquartered in Texas or California — in fact, they’ve heard stories of cost-savings estimates based on national stats that had no bearing on local conditions, which can be pretty misleading!


“Wow, SunCommon, sign me up!”

Smart plan! Spring is the ideal time to plan your solar project with them (find out why here), so if you’re ready to commit, here are a few things you can do to help get the ball rolling:

  1. Make sure your roof is in good shape and not in need of repair or replacement.
  2. Determine what direction the slope of your roof faces. You’ll want plenty of exposure to the sun, but that doesn’t always mean your roof needs to face south. Or, make sure there’s a sunny spot on your property where a ground-mounted system could go.
  3. Find out what financial incentives are available to you. In New York, there may be state incentives in addition to federal tax credits.
  4. Locate your most recent electric bill so we can estimate your power needs.

If you’ve decided that SunCommon is the best solar company to handle your project, give them a shout! They’ll answer any questions and then start rolling up their sleeves for you right away.

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