Summer heat is not a joke when it comes to making sure you keep children and pets safe from over exposure. It goes without saying that you never leave a pet or a child in a car even for a moment. It is a really important reminder that we should all hear over and over again.

On a lighter note I want to bring up a few other things we need to keep and eye on in the summer when your car becomes an oven. Things that may have been okay in your car during the spring or maybe even the winter might not last for the summer. The heat of a car on a hot summer day can cause a lot of forgotten items to be found in an unpleasant state.

Here are a few items that you should not keep in the car over the summer.

Snack bars and / or chocolate - In the fairer temperatures it might be okay to keep snacks in the car but during the summer you are just asking for a gooey mess.

Lipstick / lip balm - raise your hand if your winter chapstick ended up melted and re-harden in the center console.

Cell Phone - There is nothing like the heat that can come off of a cell phone left on a dashboard or cup holder on a hot summer day.

Work Shoes - if you think they kind of smelled in the winter in that back of the car wait until they bake in a little summer sun while the car is parked all day with the windows up.

Now that it's summer you may want to take a good look around your cr and under the seat to avoid any melty smelly mishaps.


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