They have no motor or engine of any kind, are usually made of wood, need to be steered with both your hands and feet, and can go up to 70 mph. We're talking about Soap box derby racers and since the early 1930's, kids from around the country have been racing in hopes to get to the World Championships held every July in Ohio.

For two teens from Sullivan County, that dream became a reality last month. 15-year-old Brianna Roth drove a Soap Box Derby racer, built by 17-year-old family friend Morgan Van Keuren, to the top spot at the All-American Soap Box Derby World Championships in Akron, Ohio.

photo courtesy of Sullivan County
photo courtesy of Sullivan County

This week, the Sullivan County Legislature honored both Brianna and Morgan with the Distinguished Citizen Award. According to Sullivan County, Brianna is going to retire from Soap Box Derby racing and will focus on helping her Barn Buddies racing teammates while Morgan is already planning a new track with his Dad.

Congratulations to both teens, thanks for making Sullivan County proud!

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