I'm one of those people that believes if you're not a little weird, you're probably kind of boring.

Which is great for New York State. I think it's safe to say we have some of the weirdest town names around.

Back in June, I had come across a video on TikTok that broke down the most "unique" town names in the state. The Hudson Valley got a few shout outs with places like Tuxedo and all of our "kills." To recap, this was the TikTok list:

5.Corona, Queens
4.Coxsackie, Green County
3.New Russia, Herkimer County
2. Sheds, Madison County
1. Triangle, Broome County

Which brings me to my next find.

While searching the internet for useless information, I came across the website Zippia.Com which is a career building website. However, they do a lot of work breaking down interesting facts state by state across the U.S.

They recently released an article called "The Weirdest, Most Out There Town Name in Each State." I obviously clicked on it right away and zoomed into New York to see what they picked.

To my surprise, they went with a rather tame town name.

Zippia chose the Sullivan County town Handsom Eddy as the "weirdest, most out there town name" in New York.

Their take on it was "Who's Eddy? and what makes him so handsome?"

Two completely legitimate questions, but still not the strangest town name in the Hudson Valley.

I've been doing some research and have yet to find the answer to "Where did Handsom Eddy get its name?" So if you know the origin story feel free to reach out and let us know!

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