If you are a fan of Amazon or maybe with the Hudson Valley getting a warehouse, you are looking, hoping or anticipating a job there, I would maybe look elsewhere.  At least for a while.

According to Patch of the Mid Hudson Valley, another law suit has been filed, challenging the development of an Amazon warehouse in Montgomery.

The lawsuit is claiming the negative impact on the area with traffic, eco-friendliness and more.

Property owners in Montgomery are not happy about the affect a warehouse the size of Amazon will have on the area.  Especially, one that has as much traffic which includes large diesel trucks.

The lawsuit states that the proposed site is near route 17K and Route 747.

I have mixed thoughts on this.

I mean, bringing 1,100 more jobs to the Hudson Valley isn't really a bad thing but when you look at what the property owners are saying, maybe the warehouse developed in a different area of the Hudson Valley would work out better for everyone.

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