Just about every community has a building that is waiting for a new business to take over. During COVID many businesses closed and some just relocated. Relocation is the reason that this building is currently empty in New Paltz.

If you are a fan of Stewart's Shops you might already be aware that they have recently remodeled and even built new stores in some of the communities that they call home. New Paltz is one of the locations where Stewart's Shops actually bought new real estate and built a whole new store. Full disclosure it is my favorite place to get ice cream.

Stewart's Shop For Sale in New Paltz, NY


Moving to their newly built building meant vacating the old one and putting it up for sale. Which they have done they have even removed the old gas pumps I guess assuming whoever bought it won't be running a gas station. So that being said what would be a good business for this prime location on 32 in New Paltz?

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There have been rumors about various businesses hoping to relocate there but they all appear to be just rumors. At one point people were discussing a Marijuana Dispensary but if I am following that underground news correctly that business is being proposed for a site close by on Route 32 but not at the old Stewart's location.

What 3 Businesses Would Be Good For Old Stewart's Shop in New Paltz, NY?


1 - A Hog Dog Shop - Most will say that New Paltz has enough restaurants but the truth is there is no longer a place to get a good hot dog to go. Maybe we could talk Dallas Hot Weiners into coming to New Paltz.

Grilled hot dog on a bun with chili and cheese

2 - Another good idea would be an indoor farmer's market. New Paltz has a weekend farm market that is outdoors, maybe they'd like to relocate. Route 32 already has 2 small markets in the area My Market and now the Second Nature Refillery. Another market of that type with individual vendors would round out the neighborhood.

Second Nature Refillery via Facebook
Second Nature Refillery via Facebook

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3 - An arcade for grown-ups and by that I mean a place where you could play old video games while enjoying a craft beer or spirit. We have a gaming cafe how about a local version of Dave and Busters? I could see people enjoying a hard cider from Kettleborough and playing a Ms. Pacman Tournament on a Thursday evening.

4 - My last suggestion would be a bike shop. It is a great place to rent a bike for use on the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail which is one block away.

Feel free to leave your ideas in the comments below.

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