I recently attended a party where all of the wine glasses were stemless. I found this odd. You can call me old school but wine glasses should have a stem. Drinking out of a wine glass without a stem reminds me of sneaking wine out of the house to drink with your friend (and no I never did that). When I was first out of college and no one could afford real glasses every party had plastic cups. Drinking wine out of a plastic cup is the worst. Honestly though drinking straight from the bottle would be better than drinking out of a regular glass or worse one of those new wine glasses with no stems.

So now that you know I am a wine glass snob let me try to justify why. The wine glass was designed to give wine a chance to be it's best in aroma, flavor and texture. I realize that offered in the correct shaped glass (stem or no stem) wine can taste the same. The shape of the glass is what is important and that has nothing to do with it being stemless. But there is just something about the "fishbowl" on a stem that makes a great red wine taste perfect.

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