Do you know what the speed limit is in your neighborhood? How about for your daily commute? Do you adjust your speed based on the speed limit signs, or simply keep going at your own speed, thinking it will be just fine?

Unfortunately, that last sentence describes too many of us as we rush to work, drop off the kids at school, or rush back home. Whether we like it or not, there are good reasons why speed limits are lowered on some roads and not others.  It's to keep everyone safe and that doesn't really work when folks just speed through.

As speeding is a contributing factor in almost one third of all fatal crashes in New York, according to the New York State Police, steps are being taken to help reduce these numbers with this year's Speed Week.

From now until June 13, the New York State Police will be cracking down on speeding and aggressive drivers throughout the Hudson Valley. Unmarked cars will be used right along with marked police vehicles all with the hopes of reducing drivers' speed and improving the safety on our roads.

Last year, more than 20,000 tickets were issued during this campaign. Don't become one of the numbers this year. Not only will you need to pay a fine for speeding, but it also affects your license through a point system, which in turn impacts how much you spend on car insurance.

Help keep our roads safe, obey the speed limit.

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